Working Group - Stock-taking and best practice


A variety of organizations and institutions are currently active in the broad field of Migration & Development (M&D) in Nigeria, including numerous diaspora associations, migrants-focused CSOs, development actors, and research institutes. While they may share similar commitments, there is only limited exchange between them so far. One objective of the is to improve interaction, mutual learning and coordination. Therefore, the core group decided to found the working group “Stock Taking and Good Practice” in order to identify and support the exchange and dissemination of approaches, experiences, lessons learned and good practices relating to M&D.


The goal of the working group is to identify major areas in which Swiss M&D CSOs are active and where they are currently developing their expertise and “good practices”. The group will focus on three elements:

  1. a research note on the key dimensions and issues in M&D (international framework)
  2. an expert roster providing an overview on resource persons working on M&D in Nigeria
  3. the illustration of selected “good M&D practices” by Nigerian CSO actors.

All results will be available on the migration website.


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