Working Group - Psycho-Social Challenges of Migrants


Migrants face psychosocial stress for various reasons: e.g. conflicts, poverty in host countries and cities, separation from their families etc. Furthermore, cultural stress occurs during the process of integration in host countries and cities. Migration may also affect the structure and dynamics of families that are left behind. Such stress and the exposure to traumatic experiences may duly influence migrant’s capacity to become and evolve as actors for development.

For these reasons it was decided to found the working group “Psycho-Social Challenges of Migrants” that will work on these issues.


The Core Group has approved an innovative study and opinion paper on the psychosocial situation of migrants and their families. The goal is

  1. to elaborate a research paper that summarize efforts of migrants and organizations and
  2. to examine how migrants successfully overcome psychosocial challenges.

The study shall contribute to the wellbeing and integration of migrants.

Further goal is to produce an awareness raising video.


  • Emeka Xris Obiezu (Augustinians International) Secretariat csomigrationnetwork,

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